Human Bd 1 Omnikine Elisa Kit

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Assay Biotech Omnikine Laboratories manufactures the human bd 1 omnikine elisa kit reagents distributed by Genprice. The Human Bd 1 Omnikine Elisa Kit reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Assay Biotech Omnikine. Other Human products are available in stock. Specificity: Human Category: Bd Group: 1 Omnikine

1 Omnikine information

Recombinant Human BD-1 (47a.a.) Protein

PROTP60022-2 20ug
EUR 317
Description: Defensins (alpha and beta) are cationic peptides with a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity that comprise an important arm of the innate immune system. The α-defensins are distinguished from the β-defensins by the pairing of their three disulfide bonds. To date, six human β-defensins have been identified; BD-1, BD-2, BD-3, BD-4, BD-5 and BD-6. β-defensins are expressed on some leukocytes and at epithelial surfaces. In addition to their direct antimicrobial activities, they can act as chemoattractants towards immature dendritic cells and memory T cells. The β-defensin proteins are expressed as the C-terminal portion of precursors and are released by proteolytic cleavage of a signal sequence and in some cases, a propeptide sequence. β-defensins contain a six-cysteine motif that forms three intra-molecular disulfide bonds. Recombinant human BD-1 is a 5.0 kDa protein containing 47 amino acid residues.

Soyasaponin Bd

TBZ2948 5mg Ask for price


PVT4017 2 ug
EUR 241

Human beta-Defensin-1 (BD-1) ELISA Kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

100-240-BD1 1 kit
EUR 895

BD-1, beta-Defensin 1 (47a.a), human

RC220-12 5ug
EUR 104.38

ExoAb Antibody Kit (CD9, CD63, CD81, Hsp70 antibodies, rabbit anti-human) with goat anti-rabbit HRP secondary antibody

EXOAB-KIT-1 25 ul each
EUR 627

mRNAExpress mRNA Synthesis kit (5 reactions)

MR-KIT-1 5 reactions
EUR 1152

PinPoint-FC 293T Platform Kit for Targeted Gene Insertion (includes PIN320A-1, PIN200A-1, PIN510A-1 & PIN600A-1)

PIN320A-KIT 1 Kit
EUR 4941

PinPoint-FC Murine iPSC Platform Kit for Targeted Gene Insertion (includes PIN340iPS-1, PIN200A-1, PIN510A-1 & PIN600A-1)

PIN340iPS-KIT 1 Kit
EUR 4941

BD-2, human recombinant

EUR 3856

BD-2, human recombinant

EUR 245

BD-3, human recombinant

EUR 3203

BD-3, human recombinant

EUR 245

BD-4, human recombinant

EUR 3203

BD-4, human recombinant

EUR 256

Human BD-4/beta-Defensin 4 ELISA Kit

RK00186 96 Tests
EUR 521

Human BD-2/beta-Defensin 2 ELISA Kit

RK00193 96 Tests
EUR 521