Hsv Type 1 Igg Antibody

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Igg Antibody Laboratories manufactures the hsv type 1 igg antibody reagents distributed by Genprice. The Hsv Type 1 Igg Antibody reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact igg antibody. Other Hsv products are available in stock. Specificity: Hsv Category: Type Group: 1 Igg

1 Igg information

HSV-?(Herpes Simplex Virus ?Antibody IgG) ELISA test

36 96T/Box Ask for price
Description: ELISA based test for quantitative detection of HSV-?(Herpes Simplex Virus ?Antibody IgG)

Mouse Anti-HSV type 1, 2 gB Monoclonal antibody, cloneR7J0B5

CABT-RM222 100 µg
EUR 709

HSV-1 Glycoprotein C Antibody

abx021904-1mg 1 mg
EUR 1776

HSV-1 Glycoprotein D Antibody

abx021905-1mg 1 mg
EUR 1776

HSV-1 Glycoprotein D Antibody

abx021906-100ug 100 ug
EUR 565

HSV-1 Glycoprotein E Antibody

abx021907-1mg 1 mg
EUR 2409

HSV-1 (155 kDa) Antibody

abx021908-05mg 0.5 mg
EUR 662

HSV-1 & 2 Antibody (HRP)

abx023036-1ml 1 ml
EUR 599

Anti-HSV-1 gD antibody

STJ16101055 100 µg
EUR 354

HSV-1 Glycoprotein G-1 Antibody

abx021857-05mg 0.5 mg
EUR 592

HSV type 1 Glycoprotein G (aa 34 - 200) [His]

DAG2013 100 µg
EUR 913

Anti-Glycoprotein B (HSV-1/HSV-2) Purified

11-330-C025 0.025 mg
EUR 90

Anti-Glycoprotein B (HSV-1/HSV-2) Purified

11-330-C100 0.1 mg
EUR 140

Monoclonal Anti-Dengue Virus Type 1-4 (pan, NS1) IgG

AB-21122-1 0.5 ml
EUR 529

HSV 1 GD Protein

abx060594-1mg 1 mg
EUR 1525

Inactivated HSV-1 Antigen

VAng-0545Lsx-inquire inquire Ask for price
Description: Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Antigen is inactivated by UV and verified by Infectivity Testing (cell culture). 2.50 mg/mL.

Recombinant HSV-1 Protein

VAng-Lsx0287-inquire inquire Ask for price
Description: HSV type 1, recombinant protein from E6 cells.