Pureexo Kit 101Bio

101Bio HRP Substrate Kit

P5W1 30 ml / 30 ml
EUR 120

101 Biosystem Laboratories manufactures the pureexo kit 101bio reagents distributed by Genprice. The Pureexo Kit 101Bio reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact 101 Biosystem. Other Pureexo products are available in stock. Specificity: Pureexo Category: Kit Group: 101Bio

Biosystem Archive 100 - EACH

EUR 81862.1

Biosystem Archive 100+ - EACH

EUR 85340.22

101Bio Denaturing Protein Solubilization Reagent

10 ml
EUR 49

Statebourne Biosystem 50 ICS - EACH

EUR 23486.11

Statebourne Biosystem 12 Access - EACH

EUR 24432.02

Statebourne Biosystem 24 Access - EACH

EUR 30138.31

Statebourne Statebourne Biosystem 21 - EACH

EUR 45548.96

101Bio information

Endosome Isolation Kit

P528 - Ask for price


T3212 1 x 96-well
EUR 549

Human HE4 ELISA Kit

T3213 1 x 96-well
EUR 549

Mouse C5a ELISA Kit

T3001 1 x 96-well
EUR 449

Mouse C5a ELISA Kit

T301 1 x 96-well
EUR 399

Mouse C3a ELISA Kit

T3020 1 x 96-well
EUR 449

Mouse C5a ELISA Kit

T3001-01 - Ask for price

Mouse C5a ELISA Kit

T3001-02 - Ask for price

Human CA125 ELISA Kit

T3214 1 x 96-well
EUR 549

Equine IFNg ELISA Kit

T106017 1 x 96-well
EUR 569

Exosome-TEM-easy Kit

P130 10 rxn
EUR 489

Total Aflatoxin ELISA Kit

T21131 1 x 96-well
EUR 425

Exosomal RNA Extraction Kit

P200R,-part-of-P200 - Ask for price

Exosomal RNA Extraction Kit

P200R 20 rxn
EUR 389

Exosomal DNA Extraction Kit

P230-25 25 rxn
EUR 339

Exosomal DNA Extraction Kit

P230-50 50 rxn
EUR 589

hTERT Cell Immortalization Kit

hTERT 5 x 20 ul
EUR 1899